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Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75254-8132

PO Box 833879
Richardson, TX 75083-3879

(972) 699-2770
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Monday - Thursday
   7am - 11am CST
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Central Security is licensed to do business in all states except: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Central Security has a simplified product line. We offer:

  • Millennium – Life paid up at 90 whole life insurance for $1,000-15,000. Endows at age 100. 1
  • Millennium 30 – 30-pay whole life insurance for $1,000-15,000. Endows at age 100. 2
  • Nu Mod – Modified death benefit whole life insurance for $1,000-15,000. Endows at age 100. 3
  • Executive Whole Life – Whole life insurance for $16,000-50,000. Endows at age 100.4

Western American is a stipulated premium company licensed in Texas only.

WALIC offers simplified final expense plans for $1,000-25,000:

  • Provider – Whole life insurance. 5
  • Provider Plus – 20-pay whole life insurance. 6
  • Nu Life – Modified death benefit whole life insurance. 7
  • Once4Life – Single premium whole life insurance. 8

Please contact Ric Jernigan or Jim Lewis for more details on the products of CSLIC and WALIC.


Maximum Corporation has successfully purchased and administered over 45 blocks of business. We can offer your company the same expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Diligence, and Third-Party Administration.



1,2,4 Policy Forms: CSL 08END‑TX, CSL 08END‑OK, CSL 08END‑KS, CSL 08END, CSL 20END‑LA, CSL 20END‑MO


5 Policy form L28901

6 Policy form L19805

7 Policy form L09309

8 Policy form WALSP1801

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