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Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75254-8132

PO Box 833879
Richardson, TX 75083-3879

(972) 699-2770
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Monday - Thursday
   7am - 11am CST
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   7:30am - Noon CST
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AgentWeb for Central Security Life Insurance Company and Western American Life Insurance Company

Congratulations, Rodney Jones!

Congratulations to Rodney Jones, Western American Life Insurance Company's top producer for 2021. He was our first participant in the Medallion Program to be named to the Board of Directors for Western American Life. Because he was Platinum for so many years, he was also named to the Board of Directors of Central Security Life.


Our companies provide customizable brochures at no expense to you. We can also help you design and print your own brochures, mailers, door hangers, business cards, etc. Please contact Ric Jernigan for more information.

As you are aware, all advertising that references our companies' names, products, or logos must be approved by the home office before it can be used. Information about what constitutes advertising can be read about in the NAIC document Advertisements of Life Insurance and Annuities Model Regulation.

We would like to help. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Continuing Education for Agents

If it seems like the continuing education requirements for agents change every time the Texas Legislature is in session, it is because they do. The latest requirements can be read about online at the Texas Department of Insurance Agent Area.

How to Read Your Agent Statement

What do all of those codes mean on my agent statement? Get your answers in our easy-to-use Adobe Acrobat document: How to Read Your Agent Statement. Click on the link below if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader. A Sample Commission Statement is also available.

Privacy Matters

All appointed agents of Central Security Life and Western American Life must complete and sign a Privacy Matters Agreement to continue writing business for our companies.

Our Privacy Policy is an Adobe Acrobat Document that can be printed for distribution to customers or applicants. Every applicant must be given a copy of our Privacy Policy at the time of application.

Agent Forms

Here are some useful forms for your agency:


Marketing Staff

Our marketing staff has over fifty years of experience in the life insurance business.

Richard Jernigan

Ric is our Director of Marketing. He would love to meet you and introduce you to our companies and products.

Crystal Barnett

Crystal is our Chief Underwriter and New Business Coordinator. She can handle your questions about pending policies and underwriting.

Joshua Grey

Joshua is Ric's Marketing Assistant. He handles commissions, appointments, licensing, late and lapse reports, and supplies.




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