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Our companies’ business purpose is to maximize Stockholder value.


Our mission is to enhance our companies’ profits and thus maximize our Stockholders’ investment. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Maintain a high level of accountability to our stockholders
  • Act as good stewards in handling the assets of the companies


Our goals are to grow profitably, to pursue excellence, to help people develop, and to honor God in all we do. In meeting these goals, we will also meet the needs of our stockholders’ and employees’ families; develop the full potential of our employees and agents; and deliver quality insurance products and services to our customers at a fair price.


Our business philosophy is to treat others as we want to be treated. We commit to treat all our business associates with respect, with fairness, with integrity, caring for and listening to them, professionally serving them, always being a model of working hard and striving toward excellence.

Our Customers (agents and consumers) are our first priority. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Treat them the way we want to be treated—honestly and with sincerity in every situation
  • Listen to them
  • Deliver quality insurance products and services at a fair price that best serve our customers
  • Provide agents with a rewarding business opportunity and aggressively serve them to enhance their success

We care about our Employees—physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Treat employees the way we want to be treated by acting with respect, integrity and sincerity in every situation
  • Listen to our employees
  • Provide rewarding jobs and give each employee the opportunity to reach his or her personal and professional goals within the frame work of fair compensation
  • Communicate goals and expectations clearly, hold employees accountable for achieving their goals, and reward them appropriately
  • Set an excellent example of commitment to company goals through hard work, honesty, loyalty, professionalism and respect in all of management’s dealings with them
  • Create an enjoyable working environment which is fulfilling and challenges them toward excellence
  • Provide competent management whose actions are just, ethical and in adherence to Biblical principles
  • Provide opportunities for Christian study, growth and outreach within a reasonable business framework

We acknowledge a responsibility to the Communities in which we live and work. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Serve as an example of salt and light to our community and beyond by delivering excellence with integrity and humility
  • Be good citizens who exercise exemplary stewardship in support of good works and Christian concerns
  • Support and promote responsible government
  • Obey all laws and regulations
  • Bear our fair share of taxes

We acknowledge a responsibility to our Creditors and Suppliers. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Treat them the way we want to be treated—honestly and with sincerity in every situation
  • Meet all of our obligations on a timely basis

Principles of Ethical Market Conduct

Our companies have adopted the Principles of Ethical Market Conduct as developed by the American Council of Life Insurance. We commit ourselves in all matters affecting the sale of individually-sold life and annuity products:

  1. To conduct business according to high standards of honesty and fairness and to render that service to our customers which, in the same circumstances, we would apply to or demand ourselves.
  2. To provide competent and customer-focused sales and service.
  3. To engage in active and fair competition.
  4. To provide advertising and sales materials that are clear as to purpose and honest and fair as to content.
  5. To provide for fair and expeditious handling of customer complaints and disputes.
  6. To maintain a system of supervision and review that is reasonably designed to achieve compliance with these Principles of Ethical Market Conduct.

*Maximum Companies include Maximum Corporation, Insmark, Central Security Life Insurance Company (CSLIC), and Western American Life Insurance Company (WALIC).


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